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Italy - September 4-6

Inaugural race 1950

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2016 Circuits

April 3 -    Australia

April 10 -   China

April 24 -  Bahrain

May 1 -  Russia

May 15 -  Spain

May 29 -  Monaco

June 12 -  Canada

June 26 -  UK

July 3 -  Austria

July 17 -  Azerbaijan

July 31 -  Germany

August 7 -  Hungary

August 28 -  Belgium

September 4 -  Italy

September 18 -  Singapore

September 25 - Malaysia

October 9 -  Japan

October 23 -  USA

October 30 -  Mexico

November 13 -  Brazil

November 27 -  Abu Dhabi

2015 Race Circuits 1..Australia 2..Malaysia 3..China 4..Bahrain 5..Spain 6..Monaco 7..Canada 8..Austria 9..Great Britain 10..Germany TBA 11..Hungary 12..Belgium 13..Italy 14..Singapore 15..Japan 16..Russia 17..USA 18..Mexico 19..Brazil 20..Abu Dhabi


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Honda RA615H

The much maligned Strategy Group, finally laid down their commands concerning the power unit penalties. The FIA, who could do nothing without the mandate of the Strategy Group, have acted without delay.

The changes, additions or interpretations have been sealed as follows;

A fifth extra engine has been granted for manufacturers in their first year, which will apply to Honda.

From Hungary onwards, time penalties, drive-throughs and stop-and-go penalties for changing power unit elements have gone.

The maximum penalty a driver can receive for changing power unit elements will be starting from the back of the grid.


“The simplification of the power unit penalties, ensuring that the most a driver can be penalized is to be demoted to the rear of the grid – this will eliminate penalties during the race for these infractions. New power unit manufacturers to F1 will receive an extra power unit for each driver to use throughout Grands Prix for the season, bringing the total to five, one more than the existing power unit suppliers. This will be applied retrospectively to Honda. These changes to the sporting regulations will come into force with immediate effect.”

The WMSC also has looked at the new F1 Super License system, which is based upon points accrued via success in various categories.

They have approved the update of the Super License regulations with a view to:

Granting the champion of the FIA Formula E Championship with a Super License, although the Championship is not part of the points system.”

“Increasing flexibility for drivers having qualified for a Super License, but do not have the opportunity to race in Formula One” . These drivers will now keep this possibility for three years, such as F1 test drivers.

“Enlarging the list of Series included in the Super License point system”.

“Adjusting of points given to some series already included to better reflect the strength of series”.

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Long expected addition of Azerbaijan to the F1 season confirmed for 2016

The Azerbaijan race will be at Baku in July.

Further changes to the 2016 season include the return of Germany after having been pulled from the 2015 without much notice.

The Russian Grand Prix has been moved from October to May, making it the 4th race of the 2016 season.

Malaysia has been moved from March to September, in effect remaining in the same zone to follow the Singapore Grand Prix.

There has long been critics of the logic to having a races all over the world with little concern of the travel implications and pollution caused, when it would be perfectly possible to have several races in one zone, one after the other, and not zapping all over the world like some flea! Of course weather must be a consideration, but then that would also apply to neighbouring Grand Prix locations.

Confirmed calendar for F1 2016


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Points after the Singapore Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel scrores another 1st

At Singapore.

Button retired on lap 52

Alonso retired on lap 33

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