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Honda has revealed details of its RA806E 2.4 litre V8 F1 engine. The engine you see pictured here is V023 which finished 3rd in the 2008 British Grand Prix. Honda continued to develop this engine in 2009 and 2010

RA005E  (2005)

Honda has since 1964 been a major participant in Formula On Grand Prix Racing. It has participated as an engine supplier and as a constructor which made Honda a fully fledged independent race team.

Honda has influenced F1 immensely over the past 50 years, and has decided to re-enter the F1 world in 2015 as an engine supplier to McLarfen F1.

F1Honda.com will continue to cover stories, races and F1 interests, and invites any F1 fan to participate in this site by adding articles and their own interest in F1. 2014 sees Russia enter F1 by hosting their first race. Whilst many rules have in the past destroyed the excitement of F1 racing, others have made the circuits and races safer. Let us hope new changes will add more excitement to the races, and let us share what like and don’t like.