The BAR Honda 005, powered by the Honda RA003E, saw Jacques Villeneuve partnered by Jenson Button for the 2003 season. Button was only twenty-two years old and had been in the F1 sport for just three years.

The chassis of the car was made lighter due to new internal bulkheads whilst still complying with FIA crash test requirements. Many components and body parts had been redesigned with new materials to make them lighter, whilst the gearbox was a totaly new unit with the main case being an aluminium casting.

Honda became the teams exclusive supplier of engines. The RA003e V10 was lighter and smaller with an increase in horsepower and torque. The tyres were by Bridgestone and the team worked very closely with the manufacturer to try an ensure that they had the best possible tyre selections for the race and circuit.

The team finished the 2003 season with 26 points and fifth in the Constructions Championship. Jenson Button finished 9th with 17 points and Villeneuve finished in 16th place with six points.


BAR005 Honda RA003E (2002)

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Type: Honda RA003E

Year: 2003

Number of cylinders: 10

Configuration: Vee, naturally aspirated, 4 pneumatic valves, aluminium block, electro-hydraulic throttle

Capacity: 3 litres

RPM: 19000

Power: In excess of 850 bhp