The Honda RA099 was a Formula One prototype, designed by ex-Ferrari and Tyrrell designer Dr. Harvey Postlethwaite, built by Dallara and commissioned in 1999 by Honda, it’s aim was clear, to be a working test car in preparation for a full-scale assault on Formula One Grand Prix racing.

Unfortunately tragedy occurred and the car never saw a Formula one race.

After having left the sport as an engine supplier in 1992, Honda worked with Mugen Motorsports to provide engines for Formula One teams such as Lotus, Prost / Ligier and Jordan, without any direct involvement in Formula One.

In 1998, Honda were seriously looking at returning to F1 as a full constructor under the Honda name. Honda hired the highly respected designer Dr. Harvey Postlethwaite to design the chassis. Postlethwaite worked with Tyrrell earlier that same year. Built by Italian company and former F1 constructor in their own right, Dallara, the car was tested in Spain at Jerez in the safe hands of Dutch driver Jos Verstappen with great success.

The project was looking most promising, with the prototype machine setting competitive midfield times in tests alongside better funded and more established F1 teams. However, the project was aborted indefinitely after Postlethwaite's death from a heart attack at one of the Jerez tests, and the entire project was pulled.

Honda eventually moved back to becoming engine supplier for F1 in 2000. The BAR and Jordan teams became Honda powered with the former having some success into the middle of the decade. As the partnership grew, the input Honda had with BAR increased and eventually in the wake of the ban on tobacco advertising in Formula One, Honda purchased the BAR team and as such became a constructor, yet again.

On 23 July 1998 BAR announced the signing of World Champion Jacques Villeneuve away from Williams with a lucrative contract for the 1999 season. Villeneuve started his drive with BAR at 199 Canadian Grand Prix.


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Type: RA099E (F4YE)

Year: 1999

Number of cylinders: 10

Capacity: 2997


Honda RA099E (1999)