The RA100E utilized the first type of butterfly throttle systems on F1 power-plants. The same principal is used in production cars such as the Dodge Viper, Toyota MR2 and Mercedes AMG machines. The RA109E suffered from ingestion vortices in the lower power-band due to the conventional slide type throttle used. The use of a butterfly throttle calmed the ingestion of combustion gas allowing for improved drivability.

The RA100E helped McLaren-Honda fend off Ferrari in the 1990 World Championship leading team Mclaren-Honda and Britain to the top of the charts and a spot in history.


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F1_McLaren MP4/5 Honda RA100E

Type: RA100E

Year: 1990

Number of cylinders: 10

Configuration: 72° vee

Capacity: 3493

RPM: 13000

Power: 680-700 bhp


F1_McLaren MP4/5B  Honda RA100E (1990)