1989 was the first year where naturally aspirated engines were compulsory for all teams after turbo-charged units were  banned at the end of the previous season.

Honda built a 3.5 litre V10 engine, developed throughout most of the latter half of 1987 and through 1988. The MP4/5 was unveiled for pre-season testing and it was instantly on the pace, as well as reliable. Developed by Neil Oatley, the MP4/5 looked like the car to beat in the new season


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Type: RA109E

Year: 1989

Number of cylinders: 10

Configuration: 72° vee

Capacity: 3493

RPM: 12800

Power: 660-680 bhp

F1_McLaren MP4/5 Honda RA109E (1989)


F1_McLaren MP4/5 Honda RA109E (1989)