Honda RA106  RA806E (2006)

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Honda RA106  RA807E (2007)

Type: RA806E

Year: 2006

Number of cylinders: 8

Configuration: 90°s, naturally aspirated

Capacity: 2400

RPM: Over 18500

Power: Over 700 bhp

Honda RA106  RA807E (2007) Honda RA106  RA807E (2007) Honda RA106  RA807E (2007) F1 .COM HONDA

In 2005, the Bar 007 with Honda's RA005E engine, was one of the most powerful of the season. Honda in 2006 was now a fully independent team and fully HONDA under the new team name of  Honda Racing F1. The RA106 was decked out in its traditional and original colours of Honda Racing White, a colour which has been synonymous with the Honda motor-sport identity since the Honda’s 1964 F1 debut. Lucky Strike covers the usual bodywork as they remain the title sponsor for the 2006 season.

That seemed to have changed with their 2006 V8 RA806E, which displayed a lacklustre performance early in the season, highlighted by a definite lack of torque and acceleration. However, However, Honda was used to developing the engine constantly throughout the season, with each race helping to provide valuable feedback and stats. Although the RA806E may not have been as light as the Toyota block, the RA806E was still believed to weigh in at under 94 kg.

Despite impressive winter testing, Honda were unable to challenge for the world championship. The car was impressive in qualifying, but not so in the races. The performance slump experienced in mid-season also led to the team parting from Geoff Willis who designed the cars, being replaced by Shuhei Nakamoto.

Matters improved from the German Grand Prix onwards, leading to Button's first F1 win, in Hungary. Button was by far the superior driver throughout the season, and it was universally agreed that he deserved to be Honda's first pole winner in ther F1 return.

Honda continued their good run culminating in a third place finish for Button at the final race in Brazil. Honda also successfully introduced their 2007 spec engine before the end of the season.